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Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline Free Download ever had an urge to play a game where there is only war and chaos? Well, Battlefield Hardline has just the experience for all gaming enthusiasts. Battlefield Hardline is one of the most iconic games in history. With it being a multi-platform game, users all around the world can play it. The game has quite something to offer.


Battlefield Hardline Repack was released back in March 2015. It was first released on the PlayStation 3. It was released by the Electronic Arts team (EA). Battlefield Hardline is one from the original Battlefield franchise. The Battlefield franchise has never failed the gaming community with its results and the release of each game. It is a game of cops and robbers. With the many crimes to be solved and heists everywhere, the game offers the experience of a policeman. The game has great character development as the game progresses.

Details of Battlefield Hardline PC Game:

  • Developer: Visceral Games
  • Platform: Microsoft Widnow
  • Engine: Unity
  • Initial release date: 2023
  • Publishers: Electronic Art


  • Setting
  • Game Modes
  • Classes and Loadouts
  • Levolution
  • Single-Player Campaign
  • Multiplayer Maps

Storyline and Gameplay:

Battlefield Hardline Free For PC sets out to be on the streets of Florida and Miami. The campaign mode of the game brings joy to every gamer. The game has a lot of plot and story-changing moments. The main character is played as a crime investigator and a police officer, known as Nick. The detectives struggle to make everything normal in Miami. Battlefield Hardline is a game based on the variety of arsenals to be used. It has many weaponry and melee weapons along with firearms and throwables.  Throughout the game, Nick finds many other detectives and partners to help along his mission to bring peace.


The graphics of the game are nerve-wracking. Its release in 2015 showcases the amount of effort the developers and graphic designers put into a final result. The game supports the Frostbite 3 engine. This is an engine that can create games that are high in graphics and quality. Battlefield Hardline and its franchise are mainly focused on the mechanisms of the game. The game has an awesome first-person experience that catches the attention of the gamers. Battlefield is known for chaos and war, as the name itself suggests.

Physics and Mechanism:

First-person shooter experience, the game sets its journey to amuse gamers. The euphoria, physics, and other stuff make the game cool for its era. All the physics and attention to detail in the game make up for the fact that it is possible to develop a game of its kind. With the dynamic map and weather changes, interactive environment, and destruction mechanics, the game has all the basics required to have pure fun. The mechanism and physics of the game admire its beauty. The game is the late successor to Battlefield


Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline


  • How big is the Battlefield Hardline storage?
60 GB.
  • How many maps are in Battlefield Hardline?
Nine Multiplayer Maps.

System Requirements:

  1. RAM: 4 GB (3 GB RAM minimum)
  2. Processor Intel Core i5-5th generation 2.6 GHz (or Intel Core i3-7th generation minimum)
  3. Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 750ti or higher
  4. Operating System: Windows 10.1 64-bit (minimum Windows Vista or XP)


In the Conclusion, Battlefield Hardline Torrent came out to be one of its kind. With being a first-person shooter (FPS), the game makes sure to bring the absolute experience of a gun combat game. , The game was unbeatable in its era. The graphics, physics, and mechanics—literally everything in the game was perfect. With two modes, single-player and multi-player, the game brings gamers the joy they need. The game is a great advancement for the EA and Battlefield franchises.

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